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China's fastener industry: block barriers

2018/11/29 09:29
The EU's anti-dumping case against Chinese fastener products has been on file for more than seven years. It is the first time in 30 years that China has challenged the WTO to abuse the substitute country and win the case. While the EU abused anti-dumping rules against China, it also dumped fasteners to China and was levied anti-dumping duties by China. The WTO will make a final ruling against the EU anti-dumping case against China from July to August this year. However, the EU issued a notice of the final review of the carbon steel fastener sunset review on March 27, and decided to continue to tighten the carbon steel originating from China. The maintenance of anti-dumping sanctions has shocked the Chinese industry.
On March 27th, the European Commission issued a notice on the final review of the anti-dumping sunset review of carbon steel fasteners, and decided to maintain anti-dumping sanctions on carbon steel fasteners originating in China and continue to impose high anti-dumping duties on them. Industry insiders said that the European Commission disregarded the judgments to be made by the WTO expert group, and the intentional trade protectionism made the Chinese fastener industry shocked. At present, there are more than 8,000 enterprises in China's fastener industry. The European Commission's initiative will make at least one-third of enterprises suffer a big impact. Recently, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products and the Fasteners Branch of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association jointly issued a statement, hoping that the European Commission can fully abide by the WTO rules and correct the wrong practices in the investigation of cases. At the same time, we also hope that the fastener industry in Central Europe will work together to resolve trade frictions and achieve a win-win situation.
Such a "final ruling" is shocking
On March 27th, the European Commission announced the final ruling on the final review of imported carbon steel fasteners from China. It believes that due to China's idle production capacity, Chinese products continue to be dumped at low prices in many third countries and regions, and domestic industries continue to expand. Production, product structure development and trade remedy measures for Chinese products in third countries. On the other hand, although the EU industry has developed steadily during the damage investigation period, the EU industry is still fragile due to stagnant demand and low profit margins. Considering that the current share of Chinese products in the EU market is very low, once the trade relief sanctions are lifted It is likely to cause Chinese products to enter the EU market again at a low price, thus causing damage to the EU industry.